• Compounding effects of Warm SST and Reduced Sea Ice on the Extreme Circulation over the Extratropical North Pacific and North America during 2013/2014 Boreal Winter
  • Seasonality of ultrafine and sub-micron aerosols and the inferences on particle formation processes
  • Nutrient pulses driven by internal solitary waves enhance heterotrophic bacterial growth in the South China Sea
  • The origin of the gullwing-shaped cirrus above an Argentinian thunderstorm as seen in CALIPSO images
  • Propagation and Maintenance Mechanism of the TC/submonthly Wave Pattern and TC Feedback in the Western North Pacific
  • How much do Precipitation Extremes Change in a Warming Climate?
  • Increase in the range between wet and dry season precipitation
  • 2014 Significant Research Achievements
  • Interrelated influence of light and Ni on Trichodesmium growth