Chiu, Han Yu邱漢瑜

Research Interests

Human microbiome, Soil and groundwater investigation and remediation system design, Monitored natural attenuation of petroleum hydrocarbons and chloride, Development of selective membranes and chemical reduction of perchlorate, Functionalized activated carbon for the adsorptive removal of fluoride


Representative Publications

Chiu, H.Y., Verpoort, F., Liu, J.K. Chang, Y.M., Kao, C.M. (2017). “Using intrinsic bioremediation for petroleum–hydrocarbon contaminated groundwater cleanup and migration containment: Effectiveness and mechanism evaluation.” JOURNAL OF THE TAIWAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. 72, 53-61. IF 4.04. SCI.

Lin, C.E., Hong, P.K.A., Chiu, H.Y., Surampalli, R.Y., Lin, C.T., Kao, C.M. (2014). “Pressure-assisted cyclic washing of heavy-metal-contaminated sediments.” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 11(4), 1017-1026. IF 2.396. SCI.

Chiu, H.Y., Hong, A., Lin, S.L., Surampalli, R.Y., Kao, C.M. (2013). “Application of natural attenuation for the control of petroleum hydrocarbon plume: Mechanism and effectiveness evaluation.” JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY. 505, 126-137. IF 4.5. SCI

Chiu, H.Y., Liu, J.K., Chien, H.Y., Surampalli, R.Y., Kao, C.M. (2013). “Evaluation of enhanced reductive dechlorination of TCE using gene analysis: a Pilot-scale Study.” JOURNAL OF GEOTECHNICAL AND GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING. 139, 428-437. IF 4.012. SCI.

Chen, T.Y., Kao, C.M., Chiu, H.Y., Yu, Y.T., Sung, W.P. (2012). “Application of oxygen-releasing material to enhance in situ aerobic bioremediation.” ADVANCED MATERIALS RESEARCH. 430, 1401-1404. IF 0.39. EI.

Kuo, Y.C., Cheng, S.F., Liu, P.W.G., Chiu, H.Y., Kao, C.M. (2012). “Application of enhanced bioremediation for TCE-contaminated groundwater: a pilot-scale study.” DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT. 41, 364-371. IF 1.32. SCI.

Lin, S.L., Chiu, H.Y., Huang D.K., Kao, C.M., Liang, H.S., Chen, D.L., Guo, J.L. (2012). “Assessing sustainable and green remediation strategies tool of contaminated soil and groundwater.” INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL. 124, 103-131.

Chien, H.Y., Liu, J.K., Chiu, H.Y., Kao, C.M. (2011). “Application of in situ enhanced bioremediation to treat Trichloroethylene-contaminated groundwater.” DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT. 118, 55-87. IF 1.32. SCI.


Human Microbiome

  • Identifying skin probiotic bacteria or environmental microorganism as well as developing novel drugs, vaccines, probiotics and diagnostics derived from the human skin microbiome.
  • Isolating fermenting bacteria from human skin and mediating fermentation to counteract the pathogens that are involved in skin disorders.

Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Remediation System Design

  • Designing aerobic/anaerobic bioremediation systems.
  • Applying chemical oxidation remediation technologies.
  • Applying physical treatment technologies.

Monitored Natural Attenuation of petroleum hydrocarbons and Chloride

  • Monitoring the effects of naturally occurring physical, chemical, and biological processes or any combination of these processes to reduce the load, concentration, flux or toxicity of polluting substances in groundwater in order to obtain a sustainable remediation objective.

Development of selective membranes and chemical reduction of perchlorate

  • Studying the chemical reduction of perchlorate in dilute aqueous solutions.
  • Synthesizing, characterizing, and testing perchlorate selective membranes.

Functionalized activated carbon for the adsorptive removal of Fluoride

  • Improving the performance of current treatment process in fluoride removal.
  • Synthesizing and testing functionalized activated carbon for fluoride removal.
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
    Research Center for Environmental Changes,
    Academia Sinica, TW (2020-Present)
  • Chief Science Officer,
    Surface Bioadvances, Inc.,
    San Diego, CA, USA (2019)
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
    Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA (2016)
  • Ph.D.
    Institute of Environmental Engineering,
    National Sun Yat-Sen University, TW (2013)
  • (02) 2787-2539

  • charleschiu