Anthropogenic Climate Change Center - Research Topics

1. Climate model development:

Including the Taiwan Earth System Model (TaiESM, 50-100 km), High-Resolution Atmospheric Model (HiRAM, 25 and 50 km), and extreme high-resolution Taiwan-nested global atmospheric model (FV3GFS, 3/13 km)
  • Further improvements of TaiESM: Cloud macrophysics and microphysics, cloud-aerosol-precipitation interaction processes, atmospheric radiation, and dynamical core;
  • HiRAM-1D ocean coupled model for the climate change study on extreme weather;
  • Adopting FV3GFS for the development of Taiwan Unified Model for Weather and Climate;
  • Evaluating model performance and identifying the sources of model biases, such as air-sea-land interaction, cloud-radiation-circulation interaction, boundary layer, and convection.

2. Future climate projection:

  • Using TaiESM in long-term climate simulations and projections, to participate in Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), and to provide model climate data as the scientific bases for the IPCC climate assessment reports;
  • Collaborating with the Taiwan Climate Change Projection and Information Platform project (TCCIP) to provide climate projection data for further dynamical downscaling to project the climate changes in Taiwan in the spatial resolution of few kilometers.

3. Climate variability and change:

  • Combining empirical diagnostics and numerical modeling to explore the characteristics and mechanisms of climate variability and change, including changes in climate mean states, variability, and extreme weather and climate events;
  • Conducting paleo-climate simulations to study the characteristics of temperature and precipitation in geological eras and to explore the effects of paleo-warming on the mechanisms that led to the changes in Asian monsoon, ITCZ, and subtropical anticyclone.

4. Climate impact:

  • Assessing the impact of extreme weather and climate events on regional water resources, natural environments, renewable energies and ecosystems.

Thematic Projects:

  1. Anthropogenic Climate Change: Analysis, Capacity advancement, and CMIP6 participation
  2. Thematic Project-2: Extremely High-resolution Simulation of Climate and Severe Weather